For Hotel Owners

The hotel owners have to face several problems during the daily operation. Our professionally prepared team is to help solving these problems. If needed we are able to perform the due diligence of the hotel on the basis of which we give advice about hotel sales, marketing, HR and the operation: we work out strategies, guidelines and effective practical methods in order to correct mistakes, defects and reach more efficient operation.

In case of crisis management after performing due diligence, we deal with the repositioning and propose revenue enhancement and cost-cutting measures.

However, the hotel owners hardly ever find us with a certain problem. They often contact us if they want to increase the efficiency of the already existing operation. In this case, we work out efficiency and cost optimization plans and make suggestions for profit improving financial issues.

Naturally, you can count on our help if you think it is time for business development and you want to run your enterprise more efficiently. After the investigation of the current situation, the close economic and social environment, and the analysis of your business opponents we will recommend the introduction of some marketable, new products and services.

For hotel owners:

  • Performing due diligence
  • Professional advices
  • Working out strategies, guidelines
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Business development

There are similar hotels, but no two hotels are the same.  Therefore, by using our professional experience we have personalised offers for all our current and prospective partners. You can order our entire services or certain parts of it.

Our most popular services:

  • Sales
    • Establishment and introduction of hotel and hospitality sales concepts
    • Online sales and marketing solutions
    • Supporting online and offline sales or outsourcing the sales and marketing activities
  • Website due diligence and website development guidance
  • Yield management for revenue maximization
  • Human resources: recruitment, choosing and training of staff members

For the cooperation we request full operation, management contract or lease agreement from our clients.