About us

The JMP Hotel Management Ltd. is a Hungarian-owned hotel management company, founded in 2015. The management team consists of highly experienced professionals, who have spent several years in the fields of hotel industry, hospitality, and tourism. Our principal aim is to provide professional assistance for the independent hotel owners who do not belong to any chains by combining our experts’ professional knowledge and exploiting the power of synergy. With our help the owners will be able to run their hotels efficiently, on a very high level. We also support the non-professional investors on the field of hotel industry with our theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. We also provide help to the owners of already operating hotels in case any problem occurs during the daily operation or just simply want to make some improvements to their enterprise for more efficient operation.

We believe in the win-win approach: We contribute to the success of our strategic partners with our professional knowledge. We create value for them and their business efficiency means professional success for us.

Ours is a dynamically developing company. Nothing proves it better than the fact that during our rather short, slightly more than one year old existence, we are providing strategic and operative services for the fourth hotel and that our portfolio is constantly expanding as well.